About alohanaturestay.com

Aloha Nature Stay accommodations are designed to immerse guests in the heart of Hawaii's natural beauty while ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly stay. Nestled within breathtaking landscapes, each eco-lodge and cabin is constructed with environmentally sustainable materials and practices, offering a tranquil retreat that harmonizes with the surrounding nature. Solar power, rainwater harvesting, and organic bedding are just a few of the sustainable features that ensure a minimal environmental footprint.

Rooms to look for

Rooms at Aloha Nature Stay are crafted to blend seamlessly with the outdoors, featuring large windows and private balconies that offer stunning views of Hawaii's landscapes. From deluxe suites overlooking the ocean to cozy rainforest bungalows, each room is a sanctuary of peace and comfort, equipped with eco-friendly amenities and natural decor. Guests can expect organic linens, natural ventilation, and thoughtful touches that reflect the local culture and landscape.

Amenities you'll love

  • An organic farm-to-table restaurant serving locally sourced dishes.

  • A natural spa offering treatments with organic, Hawaiian ingredients.

  • Outdoor adventure gear rental for exploring the surrounding natural wonders.